ENTITLE workshop on ‘Political ecologies of resource and rent extraction’.

This workshop will explore the changing political economy and ecology of resource extraction, interrogating the financialization of old and new commodities, and the changing politics of extraction, in agriculture and the mining sector, especially in Latin America.


Rosaleen Duffy is Professor of Political Ecology of Development, Department of Development Studies, SOAS University of London. rd38@soas.ac.uk

Giorgos Kallis is Leverhulme Visiting Professor at SOAS and coordinator of ENTITLE.

Where and when

30th November 2015, Torrington Room, Senate House, University of London

Space is limited. The workshop is free of charge.


9.30 Coffee and arrival

10.00-10.10 Welcome & Introduction, Professors Rosaleen Duffy and Giorgos Kallis (SOAS)


Dr Leandro Vergara-Camus, Senior Lecturer SOAS

Agriculture, Rentierism and the State in Latin America: the Current Contradictions

Dr Isabella Radhuber, Post-doc Fellow, University of Vienna

Interculturality and political ecology: challenges for Bolivia and Ecuador’s resource governance

11.30-11.45 coffee break

11.45- 1.05pm

Diego Andreucci, Entitle Fellow, PhD Candidate, ICTA- Autonomous University of Barcelona

Resource governance, post-neoliberalism and the state: Lessons from Bolivia’s hydrocarbon sector

Marta Conde, PhD candidate, ICTA-Autonomous University of Barcelona

Resistance to mining: why in some places and not others?

1.05-2.05pm Lunch


Professor Gavin Bridge, Durham University

Placing extraction

3.10- 3.25 coffee break


Julie de los Reyes, Entitle Fellow, PhD candidate, University of Manchester

Financialising gold extraction: The (in)compatibilities of high finance and the primary sector

Dr Patrick Bigger, Entitle Post-doc Fellow, University of Manchester

Financial climates: Enrolling and sequestering finance in atmospheric governance

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