The labor(s) of degrowth

By Stefania Barca* In the first post of the Ecology after capitalism series, Stefania Barca argues that degrowth has potential to facilitate the discussion and practice of an emancipatory ecological class-consciousness, provided it engages with the centrality of work and class in the transition to a post-carbon and post-capitalist paradigm. Ecological economist Giorgos Kallis’ response … Continue reading The labor(s) of degrowth

Labor in the Age of Climate Change

By Stefania Barca* Any just transition to a green economy must take place on labor’s terms — not capital’s. Climate change must be stopped. But who will do the stopping? Who, in other words, could be the political subject of an anti-capitalist climate revolution? I am convinced this social agent could be, and indeed must … Continue reading Labor in the Age of Climate Change