Capitalist Floods in the Pacific Islands

by Fabio Papetti  Climate change impacts in Pacific Island Nations affect stability and livelihoods of the islanders. Dominant narratives depoliticize their condition and do not provide structural solutions; therefore, we need new concepts to make visible the violence of the system Pacific Climate Warriors (here on Nukunonu Tokelau) are taking the lead to fight the … Continue reading Capitalist Floods in the Pacific Islands

The Discourses of Environmental Disaster

By Michael J. Shapiro* Bhopal [...] occasionally returns. Other cases of 'environmental disasters', other victims are still waiting for compensation. Precarity and political responsibility is yet not taken seriously outside commercial and geopolitical cartography. Decades ago I was struck by the discursive space allocated in a report in the December 17th, 1984 issue of Time Magazine on … Continue reading The Discourses of Environmental Disaster

Documenting political ecologies through film, part I

by Gustavo Garcia Lopez and Salvatore Paolo de Rosa The four-day Tales from Planet Earth film festival in Stockholm, Sweden, held from 9-12 April, 2014 kicked off with Rob Nixon, Rachel Carson Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and author of the book Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor, with a … Continue reading Documenting political ecologies through film, part I