ENTITLE is a European network of research and training on political ecology that brings together scholars and fellows from a variety of institutions and disciplinary and geographical backgrounds. We are working in solidarity with social-ecological movements, people analysing and communities facing various forms of exploitation and dispossession from open-cast mining to land-grabbing, from toxic contamination to murder.

As researchers and activist-scholars we seek to reveal how power relations structure access to environmental goods and bads, and to envisage democratic systems that ensure an equal distribution of power in society, as well as more just and ecologically sustainable economic systems. For us, Political Ecology is a perspective that seeks to understand who is involved in, and who benefits or loses from, how our environment is produced and reproduced.

We do this by documenting and explaining the uneven distribution of the costs and benefits of environmental change, by analysing causes and responses to environmental conflicts, and by proposing new institutional arrangements for social and environmental justice.

As political ecologists, we recognize that nature(s) (our environments) and society at large are intertwined. We want to contribute to building more egalitarian and peaceful realities for human and non-human living in this world.

We see ourselves as an open collective of people concerned with the threat of totalitarian politics in its various forms that exist among (and within) ourselves and require continuous inquiry and challenge. We are engaged in fighting for open, non-authoritarian spaces of existence where difference and multiplicity are expressed and lived without fear. We start from accepting that a diversity of voices and ways-of-being have the rights and possibilities to express themselves.

Our work tries to create links between science, activism and policy-making both in writing and in practice through engagement in movements and institutions. We wish to mainstream political ecology perspectives on contemporary and historical issues and events by reporting on environmental conflicts and stories from the ground, which usually don’t get coverage.

As academics we wish to use critical ideas and tools for interpreting the biosocial and socioecological complex interconnections at the core of contemporary processes of dispossession, exclusion and contamination, deconstructing naturalised accounts of socio-environmental change and substantiate experiments of alternative arrangements and imagined futures.

We see this blog as an independent platform for analysing ongoing conflicts that is committed to the construction of emancipatory political strategies, a space of reflection concerned with independence, intellectual honesty, quality writing and thorough research.

More info on the official website of the project.

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